As we close up our mid 2022 books, and are transferring our end of year delinquent reports to the collection agency, we are giving those students with a significant overdue balance a chance to pay off their contracted balance for 50% off.

This is a one time chance, and must be done by July 1st, 2022. This will not be offered again. Once completed, negative credit reporting will be stopped, and you’ll be able to build it back up from the recent drop it has taken from not paying the membership you signed.

We will also credit you 50% more classes than what you paid off in training credit if you, or a family member ever want to return to / start classes.

If you are interested in this please let us know asap. To get this discount, you must pay the discounted 50% off balance through us directly so we can take care of the late fees, change the credit reporting and issue the training credit.

Please contact: Stephanie Numrich

Text/call: 815-484-3690

Thank you!