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Letter from the Owner and Head Instructor of PhxKravFit
Sifu Matt Numrich, M.A.
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Dear Friend,

I just wanted to know how to protect myself and how to feel safe… the stuff to look out for, like how to be aware of my surroundings and avoid dangerous situations… I wanted something effective! This is what I’ve found at PhxKravFit!

Susan Mueller

Females are one of our fastest growing student groups, and they should be. My name is Matt Numrich, and I am Owner and Head Instructor of PhxKravFit. Female groups should be one of the fastest growing groups, because this is the group attackers target. Compared to the average male attacker, most women on average are smaller, physically weaker, and more apt to be carrying shopping/grocery bags, holding kids, etc. That is why you are a target.

That is why you are a target.

FBI statistics seem to back this up as well, as they say there is a rape here in the US every five minutes. That means by the time you are done reading this, another 2 more rapes occurred.

I’m not saying this to scare you. I have a wife I love with my whole heart, and the last thing I want her to be – is scared… But I do want her to be aware and prepared. That is why you should keep reading.

Awareness is the first step.If you see the man who is about to attack you, he is less likely to in the first place – you’ve taken away the element of surprise, which is really the only thing this slime is counting on. Through our self-defense classes you’ll start to build automatic awareness of your surroundings and those who are in it.

Secondly, you have to be prepared.This is where the classes come in. They will show you how you can take the “fight” out of any guy – regardless of how big or strong he is. You learn about not only the “universal weak spots” (which are not hard to figure out), but the simple tools you can use to attack those. The cool bonus is that…

You’re also getting and staying in shape!One of our students sums it up perfectly:

“I’ve tried every other way of working on out including running, lifting, aerobic classes, and by far self-defense are the best physical activity out there.”
Carrie Connors, Teacher

Forget about the long miles on the treadmill to no where, or the complicated workout programs with exercise equipment you either throw out or don’t know how to use at the gym. Before you know it, you’ve finished the class and were so focused on learning – you forgot you got in a cardio intense, fat burning, strength building workout!

And, if you think all you got was self-defense skills to protect you and your loved ones, plus a solid full body workout, you are wrong. You also built something you want more of… How do I know what you want… I just do, because all of our female students want it, and more of it: Self-Confidence.

All I can say about PhxKravFit is that it has given me more confidence than I have ever had. Outside of knowing that I can defend myself should the situation arise, I also feel like I can take on other problems in my normal everyday life. Of course I would not have the confidence or the knowledge if it weren’t for the PhxKravFit instructors, who are always willing to help and always very patient when teaching new information.

Christine Tomczak, 26

Even if you are super confident, I can guess you want more, who doesn’t!? My point is that this “self-defense class” has now turned into a one stop shop! The challenge is that most women ignore this opportunity. That is why I want to make it as easy as possible to check out our classes.

First, here are the benefits:

  • Fitness: Get in shape, and stay in shape. End the unhealthy cycle of fad diets and boring exercise programs – Be motivated each and every workout!
  • Self-Confidence: Feel great in your relationships, at your job, and with your family. A make over from the inside out like you’ve never seen!
  • Safety: Never be overwhelmed with fear when walking to your car at night, or staying home alone.
  • Powerful tools: Discover your physical defensive tools that will surprise any attacker.
  • Street awareness: Avoid threatening situations, which victims fall into.
  • Meet new people: Find new friends, business connections, and others just like you who will enrich your life.
  • Emotional balance: Learning while exercising gives you an outlet for the stresses in life….And so much more.

Training in Krav Maga through PhxKravFit builds self-confidence and focus, as it is the most practical art of defense for women.

Jennifer Howe, 39

Now, take a look at what I’ll give you just by giving me a call and checking out our classes:


  • FREE trial 2 Week coupon!
  • FREE private consultation, if you need your questions answered personally!
  • FREE martial arts t-shirt! Keep the t-shirt even if you don’t register with our program!
  • FREE month at one of our competitors if there is a program more appropriate for your child’s needs.

To take advantage of these, you have two options. The first is to simply call me at 623-300-6114. The second way is to use this web form. I look forward in showing you what our school can do for you. Thank you for your time, and I look forward in meeting you at my school.


Sifu Matt Numrich, M.A.

p.s. If you’re even a bit curious about what I have to offer, I urge you to call me as soon as possible. Our classes fill up very quickly.

p.s.s. Remember, register online today and get over $150 in bonuses:

Pick up the phone today and schedule your first free session.
I’ve taken all of the risk out of your visit, and even thrown in extras you can keep, even if you don’t take our classes.

Call right now to speak to the Head Instructor to talk about your individual goals, phone 623-300-6114.

Christy S. on 10/04/2018

"Joining Phx Krav Fit for myself and my 12 year old son was the best decision I've made! Matt & Stephanie have taught us so much in the past 9 months. We have gained not only more self defense skills and physical strength, but also self confidence ! I have taken my fitness to a whole new level and am constantly reminded through my Krav family that I am strong enough! We are now in level 2 and looking forward to many more challenges! Thank you Matt & Stephanie!"

Dana Harris on 10/03/2018

"I am Hagen Harris, Dana Harris's daughter. I have been taking this class for about a year and a half and I really love it. You learn a lot of new things, and you get stronger as well as learning how to defend yourself. I have also met quite a few new people, and in class we are a very tight-knit community. This is an amazing class to take because it teaches things that can help you later in life, plus I have became more self confident. The class is a great workout, and will definitely strengthen your muscles. The instructors are amazing, as they help you if and when you need it. They are always there to correct or clarify anything that you are confused on. They also provide young adults like myself with lots of encouragement. I would definitely recommend it to anyone."

Kim Kole on 10/03/2018

"Phx Krav Fit was discovered through a new neighbor that claimed, "Just try it." The first class was so much fun, I kept going - and signed up my kids. Aside from increased health & fitness gained through 3x week classes, the life principles learned via Krav Maga spill over to all areas of life - making me a better parent, businesswoman, and athlete. I've noticed increased confidence in my kids, and a better mind/body connection. Sifu Matt Numrich & coach Stephanie Numrich excel in bringing out the best in their students (of all ages) while continuing to keep the element that hooked me in the first place: FUN."

Crystal H. on 10/02/2018

"I have always been so shy about fitness, especially in groups, but ever since I joined Krav, the view I have of working out has changed drastically. I have never felt more confident and motivated to reach my fitness goals in my life! Our instructors, Matt and Stephanie, are so amazing (as well as the other higher level students who help the level 1 class). Everyone I have met so far in the Krav community have been nothing but helpful and encouraging. Not only am I reaching my fitness goals, but I also am learning how to defend myself and other people if I am ever put into a bad situation. This facility is so amazing, I'm so glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and gave it a chance!"

Nicole Mahaffey on 10/05/2018

"I have been a student at Phx Krav Fit for over a year and a half. My son also attends the youth classes. Learning Krav Maga self-defense has been life changing. I am able to strengthen my body, challenge my mind, and learn how to protect myself. Matt Numrich's knowledge on self-defense and ability to get students to reach their potential is incredible. I've never taken the same class twice. He keeps everything fresh, engaging, and intense. Stephanie Numrich has such an amazing way with the youth classes. She teaches a balanced cirriculum of self-defense, self discipline, and fun. I love when she tells the kids "we're growing our insides as well as our outsides." Stephanie's "mat chats" where she has an open dialogue with the kids about honestly and integrity are invaluable. The students of Phx Krav Fit have this awesome bond. We call it our Krav family because that's exactly what we are. I've never experienced such a positive and encouraging atmosphere. We truly learn cooperatively. Students are helping one another to learn self-defense and get fit. I feel confident that I can now protect myself and my loved ones. Joining Phx Krav Fit has been such a blessing in my life."

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Check Out what Our Students Have To Say

Helpful self-defense techniques

"It was such a pleasure having you and Stephanie at the Center. You were very patient, and explained things so well. My clients commented on how helpful your self-defense techniques might be in an emergency. Thank you so much for coming! " ~ April Conover, 38, Manager

Already lost 5lbs

"I've been very happy with classes and what I've learned so far. I've already lost 5 lbs, and everyone at PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS is great. They are all very encouraging. I've found from other dojos that the advanced students tend to be "too cool" to even give you the time of day, but at PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS every single person is very friendly and are all there to help. I know I've still got a lot to learn from missed classes, but I've already talked with your staff and they said they would help me catch up." ~ Jonathan T. Aguilar, 36

Easy yet Effective

"Well, there were many things that I liked about the program! I like that fact that it's easy yet very effective. Most of what we learn in Special Forces is more defensive, and you can't spar with it. I was thinking of getting your home program to expose the guys in my company to it, or just to refresh myself." ~ Joe Dulmage, Special Forces Solider

Classes motivate me to lose weight

"I'm 44 years old. I have been taking KRAV MAGA classes through Matt for over 2 years now, and I believe I that I have only missed one class. When I started I weighed 196. I now weigh 166. I didn't lose the weight solely by attending classes once a week, I lost it because the classes motivated me. I was sick of only being able to wrestle for 30 seconds before I needed paramedic attention. I like the fact that the students can wear almost anything they want to class. We don't have to sit around and waste time learning useless history about some Asian emperor who, 1000 years ago, authorized use of the martial arts for the select few. Really, who cares about that?" ~ Bob Miller, County Judge

Extremely Satisfied

"I would like to add that I am extremely satisfied the quality of the classes, the awesome instructors and very pleased with the overall experience. You run a very good business and I am glad to be part of it." ~ Steve Munerantz, 27

Highly recommended for both men and women

"My name is Dave Lamoso, I began PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS in May. I have been in class for about 8 months now. I have had an interest in KRAV MAGA, when I finally looked into it I decided to give it a try. For health reasons, to lose weight, and to sharpen my fighting techniques. It has been very beneficial. I feel allot better and healthier overall. When I began this class I weighed in at 236 lbs. Because of continuing classes at PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS, I now weigh in at 198 lbs. I have stopped smoking cigarettes since I have started these classes. I will be able to keep my weight under control with the exercise and workouts that I get at PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS. I feel so much better about myself now, I weigh less and I feel allot stronger. Before I started these classes I was always tired and lazy (fatigued). I now have an over abundance of energy. I feel great over all. I have made this a permanent part of my life, I fit my KRAV MAGA Classes in my everyday schedule. I feel guilty if I miss one day. I would highly recommend these classes to both men and women." ~ Dave Lamoso, 43


"It was good to touch base with you yesterday. I was just talking with my wife yesterday at how thankful I was to have encountered certain people who have influenced me in a positive and profound way, such as my father, a few important Football coaches, and of course Sifu Matt Numrich. Seriously, credit is due where credit is deserved. Thanks for all of your teachings and friendship, as it has been such a positive force in my life. Not to mention the confidence that I have IF I ever get in to a physical confrontation with someone.....let's just say that I "Pity the fool" who messes with the "Stallion"! Seriously, I just wanted to thank you again, as I don't forget important things, and it is all much appreciated!" ~ Mark, Home Inspector and MMA Competitor

Great Discerner

"Thank You for being there this morning with me!!! You are a great discerner and I value your opinions." ~ Gary, Group Leader at Church

More challenging than expected

"Awesome Instructor Camp! I wasn't sure what to expect but it met and exceeded what I wished to get out of it. It was more challenging than I expected... and I expected it to be very challenging!!!" ~ Eric Peterson, Veterinarian Assistant

Totally worth it

"Hey everybody. I just wanted to say this program really works. I have only been taking this class for one month and I feel I have already learned a lot. The evolution cycle was something I have never experienced before. However, it was one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever experienced. If I could take a test with only one month's worth of experience, I feel like I can do anything. This has been totally worth it. Thanks for everything." ~ Reinier Marfil

The cardio and work out are killers

"I like the idea of training with teachers I normally don't get to train with. Each person always seems to have their own style or little something different to add. That's it. I just felt that since you have the site for us and ask us to use it...we might as well. Oh yeah, and Matt...I love taking your class...the cardio and work out you give us is a killer and that is just what I am looking for each week. Do I even need to say anything about the knowledge you provide your students and staff with. Thanks to all at PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS!!!!!" ~ Brian McDougall, Manager

A humbling experience

"I would have to call the classes a very humbling experience. The people are great and I'm really enjoying it." ~ Rob Lowery

Bring pride in continuing tradition

"Emil Bautista here, a student of Adriano D. Emperado, Kajukenbo and I wish to thank you for helping me recognize Michael McDaniel's rank within the art he studied with you while in Chicago. This is important to me because he has shown great talent but I unsure as to where he belonged as respect to Kajukenbo and your art. I wanted the students here to respect Michael and also his rank in your art as well as his rank in Kajukenbo. I know where he fits in with respect to our art of Kajukenbo, but not what he studied with you. I knew he was very knowledgeable in your art and I felt he should have something to show for it. But I am not in the habit of going behind anyone's back and giving rank in any other art but the one I am qualified for {Kajukenbo}. Michael has helped tremendously with our grappling program and has helped many of our students to win competitions and feel better about themselves with respect to grappling. This is something that was missing from our program and I am very grateful to Michael for sharing his knowledge with us. Our Kajukenbo ranking goes like this; white, purple, blue, green, brown and black and this can take about three to four years to get through the ranks. I know it's different with your style as Michael has explained to me. I just wanted you to know how very proud I am of Michael and all he has accomplished here. The students really like him and he has a good following for his classes. Please know that Michael is carrying on your tradition very admirably, that I am proud of him and honored that he came from you." ~ Grandmaster Emil Bautista, who had one of our students join his school after a move

Feel energized

"I had an especially good work out last night. That energized feeling you get the next day after a good hard work out is awesome. Add that to the nice end of summer weather we have today and things are shaping up to be a great day. Just thought I would share." ~ Jim McCoy, Attorney


"Saturday was excellent, it helped to review, a few things I think I saw and some feedback from you. Great job and excellent class!" ~ Jim Kennon, 63, Financial Planner

No regrets

"Everything is going great. The classes are what I was hoping for and more. So I am very pleased with my decision to attend your school." ~ Jose Mata, Manager

Felt comfortable even though I'm still very new

"It was a great experience Matt. I felt very comfortable even though I'm still very new. I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be having a really good time. I intend to attend again next year." ~ Mike Baldwin, Business Owner

Worth more than people pay for it

"The training is worth more than people pay for it, and is the most practical self defense I have seen. I would recommend it to anyone." ~ Sam Louflen, student

Tons of great information

"Just wanted to say I had a great time on Saturday. Learned a lot of great information. I wished i had known the curriculum ten years ago, when i was working as bartender at a local pool hall in the city. But that's another story. Once again thank you for the opportunity to learn this information." ~ Marc Johnson, bouncer

Let go of frustrations go and learn

"I would like to thank you and PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS. Recently I have felt that life has went full circle and have never felt better.. Less stress and really enjoying life.. Hey I have lost 20 pounds doing it.. Work is going good. Family and friends are great.. and found a great person to share everything, we found each other and WoW... The Lord works in really mysterious ways and I am glad he guided me thru this. PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS has been a place were I can let my frustrations go and learn.. Again thank you sir." ~ Beny Rivera, Computer Systems Tech

He truly cares for my best interest

"I did a lot of research in the area martial arts schools, and after visiting and trying out various places, I enrolled with Matt Numrich and PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS about 2 years ago. I am extremely happy to report that I made a right choice then, and that even now this is the most perfect program for someone like me. Apart from childhood interest in Martial Arts, I did not have any background in it so I was a total novice. Sifu Numrich and the PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS staff have been able to patiently guide me and train me in all kinds of techniques and skills with personalized attention and guidance, so that now I am at the intermediate level. Being a professional musician and artist who draws from global musical backgrounds, I truly appreciate that Sifu Numrich has in-depth knowledge of all the self defense and fighting styles. I also feel that Sifu Numrich has taken personal interest in making me reach my goals of physical abilities and martial arts skills, as well as, he truly cares for my best interest, and that he has made a positive impact on my life." ~ Kalyan Pathak

I am still blown away by PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS

"I have been through several martial arts schools through my time with equal time in and out of them. So far I am still blown away by PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS. Every day I come in that I will learn or improve on something new. In too many places have I got away unknowingly busting out repetitions incorrectly unnoticed or unhindered by the instructor. Not so at PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS. With the assortment of instructors and advanced students or even beginners hell-bent on learning, improper technique will get you corrected quickly.  All in all. I look forward to every class and leave afterwards tired yet pumped and ready to brave another day at work. Thank you for making this a great experience." ~ Marcin Krzeminski, 33

Even after almost 8 years

"I wanted to write you this letter to give thanks to you, because unbeknown to you, have been a mental mentor over the years. Even after almost 8 years I still think back to the training PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS has provided, not just the techniques but mainly the mental capacity. So I wanted to give you the best of luck to you for your recovery and to your good health." ~ Chris A. Santi, past student who moved out of state

Inspiration in a difficult time

"I just got back from a funeral of a very old and close friend of mine. He had just committed suicide. His death made me feel lost and confused as to how we are to direct our own lives when death reaches us all, regardless of our purpose. Then I started to read your blog and realized that direction of life starts with our own health. I have since taken your blog to heart and have started to walk (still to heavy to run) every morning. I have lost close to 16 pounds since the start of the year and am coming back to class tuesday. Just wanted to say thank you for the words of inspiration in a difficult time. See you tuesday." ~ Raymond Rimocal

This guy threw 6 punches and never made contact

Matt, I got in an altercation with an aggressive guest last night at my restaurant. This guy had about 60lbs on me and was 6 feet tall compared to my 5' 6". Thanks to you, this guy threw 6 punches which never made contact. It took 15 to 20 seconds and the fight was over. I can tell you that this guy had no clue what happened to him." ~ Walter G. Paiz, Restaurant Manager

Principles come like second nature

Phoenix Krav Maga and Fitness has given me the edge I need when comes to a confrontation. KRAV MAGA principles are so easy to remember, they come like second nature. This is so important in my line of work. ~ Tom Stephenson, Bouncer

Price is unbeatable

The instruction is of the highest quality, and the price is unbeatable in comparison to other schools. ~ Jake Nuesser, 28, Graphic Artist

I have lost over 15 pounds

I needed something other than the boring routine of a health club to get in shape. Since joining classes I have lost over 15 pounds which has made me feel incredible! As a bonus I have greatly improved my cardio and flexibility." ~ George Boutsikakis, 43

Exceeded my expectations

I strongly believe every woman should know how to protect herself. Training at Phoenix Krav Maga and Fitness helped me gain the physical skills of self-defense along with the mental attributes to avoid conflict. The classes are taught in a fun, informative and non threatening environment by instructors who's knowledge and skill level exceeded my expectations." ~ Susan Mueller, Mother

Given me more confidence than I have ever had

Phoenix Krav Maga and Fitness has given me more confidence than I have ever had. Of course I would not have the confidence or the knowledge if it weren't for the E.D.S. instructors, who are always willing to help and always very patient when teaching new information. ~ Christine Tomczak, 26