Beasts Between The Feasts!

17 Day Krav Maga Toy Drive

You need a workout between the “feasts” of Thanksgiving and Christmas!

You need stress relief between these holidays too!

You know you want to help others during this time of year!

Here is the challenge:

We’re going to start each class with 25 reps (think Dec 25th) of a particular exercise, specific for each level:

Youth: Jump squats
Level 1 Adult: Jump squats
Level 2 Adult: Burpees
Levels 3-6 Adult: Split squats

But, students in any one given class can decrease that by bringing in any toy with at least a $5 value. Each toy takes off one rep. If the class brings in a total of 10 toys, then the class only has 15 reps of their exercise that day.

We have to hand all of the toys in by December 15th, so I know we can fill up the huge box in the waiting room with toys in a very short amount of time! Ready?

-Sifu Matt and Stephanie