Going To Weekly Billing

Starting in January 2022 we’re changing from a monthly billing system to a weekly billing cycle for all NEW students.  Not you.  All NEW students.  

Any membership you currently have will not change.  I’ll say that again, ANY current membership you have will NOT change.

We are allowing all PRESENT/CURRENT students (if you’re reading this, you are a present and current student), to lock in their lower rates after their current memberships are done.

Let me explain that another way: You can lock in your lower rates NOW by renewing anytime from now until December 21st, 2021 – and still pay monthly like you have been. Then when your current monthly membership runs out, this new membership will simply extend your time at the same LOWER rate you are paying now.

If you choose not to renew now, once your original membership concludes, your rates will go to the new weekly billing cycle with increased fees.

If you’re interested in locking in your cheaper monthly rate, please contact us immediately, as the deadline is quickly approaching.  Please use any of the means below to do so.  We will also be more than happy to answer any questions.  😉

Stephanie Numrich

Text/call:  815-484-3690
Email:  Stephanie@PhxKravFit.com