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Meaningful and Enjoyable Classes

"I want to mention that you and your team make the classes both meaningful and enjoyable, so we look forward to each one of them. Keep up the great work!" ~ Martin Klein, attending with his two sons

Helpful and organized curriculum

"I have truly enjoyed the last 8 months of training and believe that the new format that you have laid out are a very helpful and organized way to monitor students progress. I respect the effort you have put into making your school better and more professional, not being fearful or hesitant to try new things and ideas, and entrusting your staff to take your ideas and run with them, all qualities of a good leader. My two boys have also benefitted and have enjoyed the experience as well." ~ Mike Soper, 49, 10+ year veteran at Phoenix Krav Maga and Fitness

Improved self-esteem

"Evolution was a great experience. Thanks for the make-up solo session with Cole. He enjoyed having the one-to-one attention. I have seen improvements in Cole's self-esteem and in Thomas's behavior." ~ Kelly Winder, mother of 2

Thanks so much for all you have done

"I really enjoyed attending the evolution. I had no idea that Robert had learned so much and had become so proficient in his moves. I also really enjoyed watching him work with Matt her really enjoys the times he is able to work with him. I am really pleased with Robert's progress and what he has learned so far. Thanks so much for all you have done to help Robert build his self-confidence we still have a ways to go but it is improving." ~ Teresa Marzorati, mother

Receive the best martial arts education possible

"I just want to touch base with you on a few things. So far the classes are going fairly well, and Savannah without question, absolutely loves them...! I want nothing more than for my daughter to receive only the best Martial Arts instruction possible, and she has found it here." ~ Jeff Virgil

Build confidence

"Just wanted you to know how great I thought the last class was. My little Madison is the loudest child I have ever heard in my life, but she gets real shy out of her 'environment'. The way you had the kids step forward and confidently say their name was great!" ~ Dee McDougal, mother of 3, all in our program

Any price is worth it

"Classes are awesome...the kids LOVE it! I am so glad that you came to the Cub Scout meeting. Watching you with all of those kids was great! You have a way with them, you have just the right tone that demands attention and respect, and at the same time you are friendly and kind and extremely likeable. They all listened, they all looked up to you instantly. Not to mention the other instructors that were there! You had me at hello (haha!). Thank you so much for making this possible for us. I hope that giving us such a huge discount (scouting, siblings, and paying in a lump sum early) hasn't left you profitless. I know that you pulled strings, and I hope you know how much I appreciate it....for me personally, it means more than you know. I know that they will each benefit from this, and so I guess any price is worth it. You are the kind of role model I want them to have." ~ Sheere Abrahson, mother of 3, all are in our program

The quality of people here, starting at the top

"I feel very blessed to have joined your academy this year, and when we felt the need to enroll Calvin into Martial Arts, even though there are closer places, I insisted on PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS because I know the quality of people here, starting at the top. But now, as a parent of a student, I am very pleased with the youth curriculum, the results, and again, the staff. I think Paul Ingram does a fantastic job with heading these classes. He's professional, commands respect, and has a great rapport with all of the kids." ~ Brian Czapko, 36, Medical Assistant

Keep up the good work

"Just wanted to let u know that my 6 year old son DROPPED me today with a perfect eye jab fake groin kick. I was down for a good 2 minutes. Just wanted to let u know that I'm glad things are starting to sink in with him. It was a good lesson for him that he could take out someone who outweighed him by 160 lbs. After the nausea went away I had to give him a high five. Keep up the good work!" ~ Brian Czapko, Medical Assistant, attends class, as so does his son (sent after previous email)

He's more mature

"I appreciate your report on Logan. I'm happy he attends PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS. You have been the most patient instructors ever. My head pounds just sitting there. But you guys interact with each child individually, you guys teach them from right and wrong, plus you guys know all their names. I think that's really cool. Ya know what you're doing and I respect that to the fullest. Logan has changed, he's more mature. Thank you, for the results!" ~ Iris Moslave, parent

I am really happy

"I am really happy with how things are going with Madelyn in your class. She is so proud of herself and can't wait until her next class. I am very satisfied and so happy that we found your program! If there's anything I can be doing at home to help her, please let me know" 🙂 ~ April

Greatly appreciated

"Thanks for extra care with Sam today. He was off sick last week and on Monday when he returned to class, there was a little accident that scared him. He was rather hesitant to come to class today so your help was greatly appreciated." ~ Mary, Medical Student and Mother

Have the power to defend yourself

"I know it has been a while since you heard from me. But I wanted to let you know that even after what, almost a year of training, Lexi is still benefitting from her education at PHOENIX KRAV MAGA AND FITNESS. Yesterday I received a call from her teacher telling me that for a few days now, a small group of boys have been chasing Lexi on the playground at recess and grabbing a hold of her not letting go. She has told them to stop, but they don't listen, and she wants to go play with her other friends, but they haven't let her and kept chasing her. I had no idea this was happening. I asked her about it and she confirmed everything...saying that she gets so tired at recess from running all the time. It of course broke my heart. I asked her why she doesn't tell them to stop in a loud, forceful way. It turns out, she is intimidated by them because they are her age, and "some of them are even 8 already!" But then I asked her what she learned from you. She kept saying "I don't know..I don't remember" I refreshed her memory on what to do about bullies, and her face lit up! "Oh yeah!" She exclaimed. So we went through the whole thing, practiced it, talked about how to get away from the boys holding her, wrist escape, etc. She practiced telling them in no uncertain terms to leave her alone. I could literally see the confidence coming back into her. She was so happy to remember that she has the power to defend herself! We practiced again this morning before school, and I think we both felt better. I have talked to the other mom's, so I don't think the chasing will be happening anymore, but I am so glad that she ultimately knows what she can do to help herself. I thank you for teaching those skills to her. Congrats to you...I saw in the Bloomingdale Park District book that you have a class now there. Thats great! Thanks again for the great lessons that have been taught to Lexi." ~ Amanda Poreda, past student's mom

Perfect for children

"Great class, Matt. Not that you need the applause, but I do like your teaching style. Actually I love how he thinks about things in class; you can almost see the gears working in his head. This class is definitely the right fit for him." ~ Christopher Meyer

Love the class…and the instructors too!

"William went to class yesterday and LOVED IT!!! Your instructors did such a great job showing him what to do. This is already a much better fit for William than hockey was. Thanks so much!!!! Taresa" ~ Schuster Family

He is a better student who is confident

"I laughed when I heard that these martial arts classes would teach my child discipline, confidence, and self-esteem... But now he is a better student who is confident and respectful. It changed his life!" ~ Linda Jacobs, single mother

Concentrate on his homework better

"After a few months of lessons, I noticed my son was able to concentrate on his homework better, and was able to change his activities quickly and quietly without a fuss." ~ Sara Perez, mother of 3

KRAV MAGA… the most effective

"My husband and I made the decision we wanted our children to learn Krav Maga, because it is the most effective." ~ Heather Ballard, mother of 8

What you're doing is totally different

"I did karate as a kid, and what you're doing is totally different. I brought my son in to improve in school, and within a short time he was doing better such as spelling tests, now both of my kids are full of energy." ~ Zonan Whyte, father of 2 with previous martial arts experience

He gained a lot of self-confidence

"I saw my son crawl out of his shell shortly after he started classes, as he gained a lot of self-confidence. He is also a lot more outgoing." ~ Kathy Syre, parent

Benefits through martial arts are for life

"Team sports help but it seems short term, but the benefits through martial arts are for life." ~ Chris Polaki, father of 2