Start Here With Phx Krav Fit

This sheet is to help you best utilize your classes at Phoenix Krav Maga and Fitness, so you can get fast results. There are a few quick things you must do to get all of the benefits you want from classes, and if you do these, we know you can reach your goals even faster!

If at any time you have any problems, simply reply to this email, and we’ll get you help ASAP!

  1. Email confirmation: You’ll be getting an email within the week… If for some reason this email was in your spam folder, or if we had to resend it to you, please “whitelist” us, so we can send you your training videos (i.e. if it was in your spam folder, mark the email “not spam”).
  2. Attendance/app/ipad: Watch this video to make sure you have our attendance app on your phone, and you also know how to check yourself into each class. The app email comes from Zen Planner (please double check to make sure you info is correct), as it is also the app you’ll search for / use.
  3. Schedule / Your next class: On the pink registration sheet you received when signing up, we wrote down your next class and “regular” class days. Make sure these class days are blocked off and scheduled. I know it seems like a common sense task, but students get faster results when they simply schedule their classes each week on the family calendar, in their phones, etc.
  4. Social media: We share a lot of our news, pics, videos, events and more through our social media pages. Please take a couple seconds and LIKE these pages, or ask to join the private ones.

-Public FB
Public adult class page:
Public youth class page:

-Private FB Anthem Fight Club:

-IG @PhxKravFit

***Make sure you join your Level 1 Class ONLINE Private Facebook Page too! GO HERE FOR PERMISSION:



  1. Referrals: You’ve probably already heard this a couple times, but we have the BEST referral policy known to man. In all seriousness, through teaching over the last 25 years, we know that great students and families like yourself know other great people… and we want to help them too! Don’t you? Click the link below to print your own free passes.

Want to skip the printing and just get them going? Use the bottom two links. Either way, if your referral signs up, you get $100.

Print your own passes here, or send people this link: (There are 4 to a page.)

Reserve an adult friend digitally super fast here:

Reserve an youth guest digitally super fast here:

  1. Testing: Watch this quick video on how we track your progress and challenge you as a student:
    Adult testing video:
    Youth testing video:

I know it seems like A LOT… but we want to be behind you 100%, and these quick little steps above will help you stay committed, get connected and get “crackin” to build up momentum and bust through your goals!

See you next class! (Or you’ll hear from us! ☺ )

-Sifu Matt and Stephanie Numrich

Ps: Here are the FIVE PILLARS a great check off to maximize your success:


GOALS:  We encourage you to fill the information sheet you first signed when visiting your first class!  What do you want?  Fitness?  Defensive Skills?  Confidence?  Discipline?  Focus?  Stress Relief?  Write it down and pin that sheet up where you see it every day.


CLASSES:  What will be your regular class days each week?  What friends, co-workers or family do you need to tell that these days/times are your class times?  Our suggestion is that you block those days/times off on your schedule (i.e. physical calendar, in your phone) right now.


SOCIAL MEDIA:  Why not use social media in a positive light?  Join our private pages to make sure you keep motivated and informed with events, vids, quotes and news which will help you keep on track!


EVENTS:  We have seminars, outings, get togethers, testing dates and other important events each month.  Our advice is to come to as many as you can!  Immersion will help you get your results faster!


SUPPORT OTHERS:  Why not invite a family or friend to class?  Who needs more confidence, fitness or self-defense skills that you know?  How cool would it be to be the invite that totally improves someone’s life?  Who could you invite this week?  (As a thank you, if they sign up, you get $100!)