Who’s Your Daddy?

When I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over 20 years ago, there was one move which really caught my attention.  It was so dominating to put it on an opponent, and so humiliating to have it put on you, I had to learn it.  I saw a more skilled student practice it and then later on I saw it actually pulled off in an MMA tournament.  Once applied there was little the victim could do to get out of it.

Although there are technical names for this move, it is nicknamed the “Who’s your daddy move”.  You apply it on an opponent when you are on their mount position, which has your straddling their chest.  From this position, it is common in self-defense to see a stranglers choke, or in submission ground fighting to see a “neck crank” (noted in pictures below) or other kinds of headlocks, but this takes it even one step further than even the MMA “ground and pound” strategy.

This is best done when on mount position, and the opponent is putting up their hands in defense, which is completely second nature for someone to do.  First, you grab one of their wrists with your opposite hand and cross it over to the other side of their neck.  From there, you reach your other arm around, and under their neck, where you hand their wrist off to your other hand.

Once you have done that, you need to pull and rotate their body while you also lift up your leg of the same side you are rolling them too.  This allows you to have a hand free to completely pummel them with a myriad of strikes.  As you can see by the pictures they have little they can do to defend it.  This is a great bargaining position if you need to subdue someone, and obviously an incredible striking position where you can hit them into submission with impunity.    

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