What You Need to Build You Own Martial Arts Studio at Home

Do you want an “at home dojo”.  I get questions regularly of what someone needs to make their own training area or room at their home in order to practice and train martial arts and self-defense.  

If you want to make a martial arts studio work in your home, you’re going to need some extra space.

Finding that space can take a little work and even some creativity.  Start by thinking about how your martial arts room will add value to your home, especially if you keep it generic enough to be converted into a home gym or office.  Know that adding a multipurpose room does, in fact, add value to your home, so this is another incentive for setting up a martial arts studio. Research the costs of your remodeling project. For example, you can use online calculators to estimate all types of remodeling costs.  Check out remodeling guides for tips on getting your project started.

Once you have some space in your garage, or in another area of your home, cleared out and set up, you can start filling it with the equipment needed to practice martial arts. Your best bet is to shop online for martial arts gear and many stores make it easy to shop by sport.  Know that shipping delays can mean that your gear won’t arrive for weeks, so consider shopping before you begin your remodeling project.  Buying used equipment can also help your budget but be sure to stay safe.

You may need some pointers before you begin practicing in your martial arts studio and thankfully you find a ton of tips and classes online. Check in with local studios to see if they are offering YouTube classes or other online offerings to martial arts students. Some platforms may also offer paid martial arts training for your home practice.  Finally, don’t overlook the importance of reading martial arts books.

One of the drawbacks of practicing martial arts at home is that you won’t have an instructor to help keep your practice safe, but there are a few tips you can use to ensure safety for your family. Use exercise mats to avoid injuries when falling and practicing martial arts moves in your new at-home martial arts studio.

Also, if you (or other members of your family) will be sparring, make sure that you all have the right protective equipment, including headguards, gloves, and mouthguards.  Clean and disinfect all sports equipment to keep your martial arts studio germ-free.  Know that accidents will and do happen, so make sure you have a first-aid kit.

Practicing martial arts can be a productive way for your kids to spend time indoors, and staying active can have benefits for both children and adults. Not only can you practice martial arts with your kids, but you can use the new studio space to lift weights, practice yoga, or work on any of your other fitness goals, all from the safety and convenience of your own home.

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