Roll with Sifu

Here is the deal... I'm setting the goal of rolling 30 minutes for 30 straight days. Would you like to roll with me for a day?

If you would like to roll with me, I'm taking any level adult student, male or female, experienced or non-experienced. Level 1 students, I would ask that you partner up (2 students per 30 minute session), as even 15 minutes of straight ground fighting is taxing. Levels 2-5, you can sign up for the full 30 minutes if you like.

Regardless of your level, I'll give you specific feedback of what you need to work on, and will roll with you at whatever intensity level you feel comfortable with.

I'll be running this from Monday, May 3rd to Tuesday, June 1st. To reserve a spot, click here:

Please sign up for one session at a time. I'll reach out to students, if I have open dates.

All training sessions will happen at my house (I live in Tramanto) and go from 6:15-45am (yes, Sat and Sun too!). I just ask that you get there at least five minutes before hand so we can start on time. I do have a matted surface, but you are more than welcome to still wear knee and/or elbow pads if you want.

Yes, I am asking a small flat $5 fee, regardless of how many sessions you catch with me, to make sure you REMEMBER and make your time. I guarantee you'll learn more than five bucks about yourself and ground fighting within 30 minutes. If not, you can ask for your money back. 😉

Before you reserve a date, click here:

If you have any questions, please email me at .