Less / Non Lethal Weapon or Every Day Carry (EDC) Arsenal, Part 2

I’ve written previously about some less lethal Every Day Carry weapons options to carry, besides just a gun. The three I specifically covered was a tactical pen, pepper sprayer and a knife. I would like to cover three more just to round the edges and add a little bit more depth.

The first is a collapsible baton. Most of these are around five inches collapsed, and expand to about 12-14” depending on the model. These are excellent compact impact tools which can easily be carried in your person, whether it is in your pocket or on a belt holster.

Secondly, I would suggest a heavy duty zip tie. This is where the depth of these choices comes in. Is a zip tie a weapon, no, but you never know when you might need to restrain someone. There were countless scuffles on airplanes and other modes of pubic transportation where an irate or violent passenger needed to be controlled. These zip ties can be folded or spun into a tight circle, where you can place it in your back pocket. It also gives you locking and securing options for other items temporarily if you need to tie something down.

Lastly, a flashlight is one of the most overlooked items I see carried, yet, so many situations and scenarios happen after the sun goes down. We take for granted our ability to see throughout the day, and realize how much of a hindrance that is when trouble strikes at night. Having a flashlight, even a small one, can give you a big advantage when there is no or little natural or artificial light.

Furthermore, the light itself can be seen as a weapon itself through two main means. First, shining a strong light in someone’s eyes can temporarily blind them, giving you an advantage to strike or escape. You can find many smaller, handheld flashlights with 100-500 lumens, which can easily do this in darker environments.

The flashlight itself can also be use as an impact tool. Many street gangs have realized that carrying one of the older and longer “Maglites” cannot be seen as a weapon per se, therefore legal to carry, but obviously can be used as a hard impact baton. Whether you carry this size, or even a smaller one, the littler ones can be used as a “palm stick” to strike vulnerable areas as seen in the pictures.

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to Every Day Carry (EDC) items. My suggestion is that you must look at your home, work and travel life and determine what would best suit you in an emergency situation, and what is the easiest to carry. Functionality is highly important, but it also comes down to what you will carry on a regular basis. It makes no sense to buy a high end baton or flashlight, but not carry them because they are uncomfortable to carry. Choose smart, but make sure your choices are real, and that you do carry them every single day. If not, Murphy’s Law will come into play, and the one day you don’t carry it, will be the day you need it.

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