Hey Matt,

This is Jim Suits and I'm calling from North Carolina. You may remember me or not, but I was your Saturday morning, 70 year old guy.

I wanted to call and let you know that I really, really miss your classes. Now I looked at so many places around here and they pale absolutely pale in comparison to what you offer, how you do things, how you run your business and everything. If it was in the cards, I would tell you that we would move back just for your instruction. I enjoyed it that much. I got that much out of it. I'm just wanting to call and share that with you, because it really, really means a lot to me what you do and what it, uh, what it does for others. Uh, that's about it.

Please press on doing what you're doing.

I appreciate that you keep me in all the emails and notices and stuff. Um, because I haven't found anything here yet that meets the standard. Thanks.

Thank you for everything.