Covid-19 has put financial stress on many families in the Phoenix area. Several of the area's food pantries have been diminished, therefore, we'll be doing something fun each class while replenishing them.

During the month of October, we'll be doing 25 reps of a specific exercise (I.e. jump squats, push ups, burpees, etc.). For every can / box of food brought in that day for the class, we'll subtract 1 rep of the exercise.

If your class brings in a total of 11 items THAT class, we'll only have 14 reps of the given exercise to do that class.

We're making this a month long challenge, because hunger is something most of us have not had to deal with... but for some it is a daily struggle. Therefore, it is something we can remind ourselves about every class.

Let's be grateful, have fun and start stocking boxes we'll deliver to local food pantries in the area.