My oldest son Jack is headed off to college, and as his father I was struck with the instant anxiety of, “Have I taught him enough?”. I am far from perfect, but throughout his life I’ve tried to teach him things through several means including putting flash cards of investing principals on his bedroom door as young as 4 years old, go on walks and talk about mistakes I’ve made when he was in jr. high school, giving him access to the library of books I’d read since I was in high school, character quotes I would print out and pin to the bulletin board in his room through his high school years (which he’d rip down embarrassed when he’d bring friends over) and several (if not dozens of) dinner table conversations where I got the proverbial eye roll.


But, I still had that panic as college approached, curious if I’d taught enough, explained well enough and spent enough time. So, the summer before he left I brainstormed every little bit of knowledge and wisdom I could, honestly writing that many of these I came up short on, and didn’t want him to make the same errors.


So, if you’re interested in checking out what I wrote, please feel free to check this website out where you can download a copy. It’s just not for older parents, or those parents with new borns, what I wrote I need to continuously remind myself of, as they are lessons we all need to live by for a happier and healthier life.