3 in 1 Carrying Concealed Weapon (CCW Certification) and Self Defense Class

Includes Instruction, Live Fire, and Unarmed Self Defense Training

WHEN: Saturday, May 4th, 8am-5pm
WHERE: Desert View Bible Church / Ben Avery Gun Range
WHO: Anyone who wants their CCW in AZ, as there is no online registration for it.


  • Learn firearms safety from a common sense and easy to follow format

  • Discover considerations to make your best personal protection choices

  • We'll cover home firearms safety in order to make your house safe and a functional defense fortress

  • Find out how to choose the best ammunition for your needs

  • Learn about different carry options and then how to train those correctly

  • Discover the best accessories options (Lights, Sights, Lasers, etc.) including what is "Flashy" and what is functional

  • We'll cover legal issues, requirements, liability risk, etc. and help you work that into your training

ccw in pocket
  • Find out how stress affects the body and mind in specific scenarios

  • We'll teach marksmanship basics, and show you how to transfer that to real life applications

  • Discover the "Cycle of Operation", so you know how a gun works and how to fix malfunctions

  • Learn weapon handling basics, and how to train those safely even if you don't go to the range

  • Find out the true legal use of deadly force and threatened deadly force

  • We will incorporate a LIVE range session to demonstrate basic techniques and marksmanship & bring all of the fundamentals and skills together


  • Additional self-defense considerations will be covered, if you can, can't, should or shouldn’t use your firearm

  • In addition to added non-lethal weapon options, with their pros and cons

  • How realistic scenarios will give you a better understanding about true self-defense with a gun

  • Much, much more!


Defensive Pistol and Marksmanship Class

WHEN: Sunday, May 5th, 8am-3pm
WHERE: Ben Avery Gun Range


  • Ballistic demo - live demonstration of full metal jackets vs quality carry ammunition

  • 6 fundamentals of marksmanship - students will receive training in the recognized fundamentals of marksmanship in real life self-defense situations

  • Draw stroke under pressure - a real life look at drawing a weapon under deadly stressful circumstances

  • Fire from CQB position with Weapon retention - a defensive encounter could occur while being grappled or in otherwise CQB distances, even while on the ground.

  • Multiple shot/Multiple target - students will look at the reality of multiple hits being needed to stop a determined attacker

  • Reload under pressure - smooth efficient movement will be taught and required to reload it while dealing with a still hostile threat

  • Malfunctions - learn to stay focused and get the weapon back into the fight for your life while dealing with a variety of malfunctions

  • Injured operator - you must embrace that an encounter will not go your way and you will not realize the deadliness of your attackers’ intentions until you are wounded. Firing when injured and working weapon malfunctions while injured could be critical

Both seminars will be taught by

INSTRUCTOR Saleem Abdullah

  • Certified law enforcement firearms, judgmental shoot and tactics instructor

  • Cert NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Recognized as Subject Matter Expert by AZPost (Police Officer Standard and Training Board in Firearms)

  • Teaching for 17+ years

  • Lead instructor at Local Police Agency

  • Certifies others to become Instructors