BJJ Group

Semi Private Bjj Ground Drill and Spar Class

From April until June, I’ll be running a private BJJ class focusing on several core highly effective techniques on the ground. Each module will focus on a core move, with multiple options, set ups, applications and follow ups. This will simply lead to faster learning, retention and functional usage.

As I’ve continued my BJJ training over the years, there seems to be what some of my instructors are calling “modern BJJ”, which is what this group will be focusing on. To date, this is the most cutting edge training.

This group will run for 12 weeks, with the hour class being divided into:

  1. Specific yoga warm ups
  2. Technique learning:  set ups, applications and follow ups
  3. Drilling
  4. Positional sparring
  5. Open rolling

The class will happen from 7-8 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays at my house, located in Tramanto.

Yes, if you can only attend one class per week, it will be well worth it, as it is priced at $25 per week. But, if you can/want to attend two per week, you’re learning will just be accelerated.

If you want to increase the quality of your ground game, dominate your opponents and learn the most cutting edge instruction out there, this is it.

This class will be limited, as I only have so much mat space at my house, but also because more personalize attention will be needed.

The cost is $99 per month, whether you attend once or twice a week, which is a fraction of the $150 per hour I paid to learn it.

This will be opened up to my advanced level first, and then Level 2, as Level 1 will not be able to attend unless they have a previous BJJ / ground fighting foundation.

Or click:

You can sign up with the monthly link above, or pay $250 in cash for all three months (if you want the discounted option, just text me at 623-300-6114).


Sifu Matt