Fee decrease, Special 2024 Package

As we survey random students on a regular basis, one of the critiques we got back was the weekly billing.

Because of that, we’re going to monthly billing, with our original 12 month membership that we had before 2022-23.

We will not be changing any membership you’re currently in, however, if you want to add an additional renewal under the 12 month monthly billing, we want to reward you for your commitment.  The great thing is with this new tuition structure your fees actually decrease due to being billed monthly instead of weekly! Your fees will decrease to $199 per month, and all students can still grandfather in their family members with the 50% off discount (even new ones!).  

Here are the other details:

  • Your new membership will start when your current membership ends.
  • Again, your monthly overall cost will actually go down, as weekly charges over time add in an additional charge of longer months.  Under monthly fees, you’re just charged once for the whole month, regardless of the length of the month which helps with budgeting.
  • This is just another positive step towards reaching your black belt!!

Here are some bonuses if you renew by February 1st, 2024:

1 Free month added to the end of your new membership

Free new design long sleeve Krav t-shirt

Free testing voucher

Free Advanced video training program

Obviously, there is no pressure to renew right now. However, if you choose not to do that now, come renewal time your membership will automatically change and you will miss out on all the free goodies. And who doesn’t want free goodies??

We’re here to answer any questions you have, so you can text or email Stephanie directly at the contacts below.  If you still need help, we can do so in person with a quick meeting.

Thanks for your ongoing commitment and investment.  Let us know any questions you have, and what day you’d like to come in and lock in these bonuses!


Sifu Matt & Stephanie Numrich

Call/text 815-484-3690

Email: Stephanie@PhxKravFit.com