Hey Kravites!

Stephanie and I wanted to touch base with you as to what 2021 will look like, as we have spent most of 2020 not only making plans for expansion, but also simultaneously dealing with Covid. Therefore, here is a quick rundown of some important points as we start this new year:


In the first part of 2020 we held a "2020 Challenge" which challenged students to attend a minimum amount of classes per week. This challenge not only lead to incredible gains/improvements but carried many students through the difficult summer Covid made. Therefore, as of February 1st, 2021 we will be implementing a new attendance system where your attendance will be tracked. Adult students will be either able to check in through our new app, or digitally at the gym at a kiosk. We have invested in these new systems because accountability in any area in your life leads to more improvement – and we know it will in yours!


Given the expansions and additions we'll be making in 2021, we are raising our prices. We've been blessed to keep our prices literally one of the cheapest in Northern Phoenix. Furthermore, we haven't really even raised our prices that much in the last four years. But, we want to give our current students, those who have either stayed with us through the thick and thin, or who have recently signed up with us the chance to freeze their pricing for their next renewal cycle.

That means whenever your current contract ends, you can extend it for one more year at the same low price. With this renewal we will be offering one more option, for an increased fee all level 2-5 students will be able to drop down one level in order to take more classes if they choose. We've had several people in the past accidentally come to the wrong class time, and participate, and they always tell me how fun it was to workout at the previous level they were in, as it gave them a chance to refocus on some fundamentals, train with new partners and participate in new drills they don't currently do.

Once again, this option lets Intermediate to Advance adult students (Levels 2-5) drop down one level. Meaning Level 2 students can drop down to Level 1 and Levels 3-5 can drop down to Level 2 classes. All of these Last Chance Grandfathered Renewals (either the same price renewal or the increase with more classes renewal) must be completed by February 1st, 2021, with NO exceptions. If interested, text Stephanie at 815-484-3690 or email her at Stephanie@PhxKravFit.com.


As 2021 begins, we'll continue to implement higher sanitary standards and health protocols to uphold the best training environment. These will include:

  • If you (youth or adult student) OR anyone in your family has been exposed to anyone with Covid please follow the CDC guidelines which include staying home from class until 10 days without getting tested with no symptoms appearing or after 7 days after receiving a negative test result (test must occur on day 5 or later).
  • If you (youth or adult student) test positive for Covid stay home from class at least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and at least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication
  • If you (youth or adult) OR anyone else in your family is sick with non Covid related symptoms, please stay home until symptoms are gone and at least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication.

*** We are still here for you! If any of the above applies to you please contact me for training videos to keep you / your child in the loop.

We will also continue these practices we have always had:

  • Students will start and stay with one partner the whole class.
  • Students must sanitize their equipment after each class.
  • Students must hand sanitize before each class.
  • No waiting, stretching, etc in the waiting area before or after classes. Please wait outside or in your car until your class begins.
  • There will be more outdoor training and drills, so please bring a sweatshirt to throw over your Phx Krav Fit shirt you attend class in.


Starting in 2021, we would ask all students, but especially youth students, wear their Phx Krav Fit t-shirts to every class. As in any other sport or club, the T-shirt is a part of a “uniform” that instills unity and ownership in all the hard work you/they do in class. Please also wear clean, appropriate gym shoes during class because of the amount of kicking we do. In addition, due to the techniques and moves we do in class, it is important for anyone with long hair to have it back in ponytail or bun, off of their face and neck. Thank you for your cooperation in this and showing respect not only for the instructors and assistants but also for the art of Krav Maga. If you need to buy another T-shirt please contact Stephanie at 815-484-3690. They are $25.

Sorry, I know that was a mouthful, but it is setting the stage for a higher quality, faster results and (yes!) more fun gym. We thank you for your cooperation --- Now let’s get back to training!


Sifu Matt & Stephanie Numrich