2/20/2020 CHALLENGE


Starting January 20th, 2020, Phx Krav Fit will be doing our 2/20/2020 CHALLENGE.

THE MISSION: We're challenging all of our students to attend at least 2 classes a week, for 20 weeks in 2020.

WHEN: The challenge will start January 20th and continue through June 27th. 

HOW: We'll be using a calendar grid on the dry erase boards in the waiting room.

WHAT:  All of those who succeed will be getting a PHX KRAV FIT 2/20/2020 t-shirt free of charge... but that isn't the best reward you'll get.  

WHY:  Consistency is what builds character, sculpts your body and sharpens your skills.  These 40 classes over the course of 20 weeks will give you whatever you're searching for: A better body, more confidence, higher level of cardio, less stress, increased focus, more effective and efficient self-defense skills.  This is a great way to refocus your youth student for the second half of the school year, or a perfect way to ring in this decade as an adult.  

Therefore, I want to challenge every student to do this challenge.  

If you want 2020 to be a special year where you drop the excuses, obstacles and "stories" you've told yourself on why you can't get to the next level or why you can't even get started, then this is your challenge!


1.  Anyone who completes attending 2 classes for 20 weeks in 2020 starting January 20th will get our special Krav Maga 2/20/2020 t-shirt for free... its the only way you can get it.  There are no substitutions, exchanges or exceptions for attending two classes per week (for example, attending three one week and one another week doesn't equal two times per weeks, or missing a week of classes and then hitting four classes the next week does not even things up).  The ONLY exception is preplanned vacations, unseen injuries and prolonged sicknesses.  On the attendance grid, you'll have a chance to omit and replace a week if need be.

If it seems like we're being strict and serious about this, we are!  BUT, we also know there is a life outside of Krav.  Therefore, we've worked in three weeks into the 20 week calendar, and if you need to add a week, simply drop me an email ( so we don't count that week within your 20 week timeline.

2.  Special "fast track" starters... We know some people attend 3 and even 4 classes per week!  That is why we want to give a special prize to the first 20 students (first 10 adult and first 10 youth students) who hit 20 classes in 2020 starting January 20th.

3. Everyone who accomplishes either #1 or #2 above will be entered into the grand prize drawing for $1,000 to be held on June 28, 2020.  



 A.  We will have a "calendar grid" on the front dry erase board in the waiting room where you can simply put your name, and then track the dates you attend class. Adults are responsible for keeping their own attendance, but we will do it for the kids.  

B.  Each time you finish class, just mark it on the grid.  You'll be able to visually see your progress over the 20 weeks.

C.  My only other advice to you is to link this attendance challenge to a goal you've been after or thinking about.  For some it is a new body weight... for others it is getting to that next Krav level... maybe as a parent you want your child to gain more focus or respect at home or around the house.


If you want 2020 to be different than 2019... and if you want to start this new decade off on a new and positive foot... NOW is the time to take on THIS challenge.


Let's make 2020 the best year together!
Sifu Matt and Stephanie